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The city of gods !


Litochoro is a unique city with a very long history, one that has been continuous, unbroken by the passage of time. Its sources lie in myth and tradition. It is said that Litohoro as founded by the inhabitants of ancient Pibleia, a small city to the south, which was the center of worship of the Pibleiades Muses and fell under the jurisdiction of the famous city of Dion.Built on the banks of the Enipea river, Pibleia was eventually flooded and destroyed by it, and its inhdbitants moved to the present site of Litohoro.The last believers in the gods of Olympus were converted to Christianity when the emperor Theodosius the Great sent Christian islanders as settlers; they also brought with them their seafaring tradition. During the Ottoman occupation, more than one hundred sailing boats belonged to sea captains from Litohoro. The beach at Agii Theodori was named Stolos (Fleet) because of the number of ships anchored there. The exact year of the founding of modern Litohoro is not known. Its roots, however, according to tradition, lie in the fourteenth century. In 1540 St. Dionysios arrived here and built the famous monastery. Since then the town and the monastery have shared the same history, Olympus, the Monastery of Agios Dionysios and Litohoro became the refuge/hideout for the area's armatoli (freedom fighters).


The old city has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and traditional architecture and to successfully combine it with its modern lifestyle. A walk in the narrow streets of the old city offers nostalgic images from the past. We invite you to visit our lovely city and its unique monuments. Walk through the streets and discover the numerous churches and the majestic neoclassic buildings. Enjoy the sea breeze at the portside, the colors of the old city and taste the local cuisine in picturesque restaurants and taverns.





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